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Bingo Number Generator

As a software engineer, I get to write code and tell computers what to do. Over the years I have experimented with numerous technologies. I like getting to use those technologies to actually create something so it’s nice when I have an idea to work towards.

I hung out with some friends, and they played bingo on the hour to pass the time. A fun and engaging activity for adults and children to participate in no doubt. I don’t really remember how they generated the values, but they seemed to use a computer. I tried searching online to see what else was available. Lo and behold I didn’t find a lot of great solutions. So I built one!

I present to you the Bingo Number Generator! I shouldn’t take so much satisfaction from such a tiny web app, I’m just happy that I got it done and pushed live even while living a normal life with family and a day job.

Happy bingo-playing! (bingo-ing?)