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Bingo Number Generator

As a software engineer, I get to write code and tell computers what to do. Over the years I have experimented with numerous technologies. I like getting to use those technologies to actually create something so it’s nice when I have an idea to work towards.

I hung out with some friends, and they played bingo on the hour to pass the time. A fun and engaging activity for adults and children to participate in no doubt. I don’t really remember how they generated the values, but they seemed to use a computer. I tried searching online to see what else was available. Lo and behold I didn’t find a lot of great solutions. So I built one!

I present to you the Bingo Number Generator! I shouldn’t take so much satisfaction from such a tiny web app, I’m just happy that I got it done and pushed live even while living a normal life with family and a day job.

Happy bingo-playing! (bingo-ing?)

Grand Canyon

We went to a giant hole in the ground. Driving with the 2nd born (hereafter the Mastiff) was pretty terrible, though! I don’t recommend sitting in an enclosed metal box with a noise maker for prolonged amounts of time.

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Change 2005 Toyota Tacoma Manual Transmission Shifter Seat And Bushing

It’s probably rare to have a manual transmission in this day and age, but I enjoy it. Its scarcity probably also means that I wasn’t able to find too much help online with a recent issue where my 2005 Toyota Tacoma was popping out of gear. This would cause the RPMs to spike dramatically since I would unexpectedly be in neutral. I eventually realized that I needed to change the shifter seat and bushing.

  1. Seat and bushing, respectively. I purchased mine at a local Toyota dealer for around $25 for both parts, but I found one on Amazon that seems like it would work as well. Step 1
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OBi100 Cannot Receive Google Voice Calls

I have long since canceled my home phone service, but I have an OBi100 (succeeded by the OBi200) paired with Google Voice for free VoIP (no emergency calls, though).

Unfortunately recently I was only able to call out but not receive calls. I tried doing everything listed on the OBiTalk forum instructions to no avail. Then I found a post about the similar OBi110. So the answer for me was the same: delete the configuration and set it up again from the beginning! Hope this helps someone!

Mysterious Seeds Or Bugs Around House

Recently my dad asked me if I could identify some small things that were appearing in his house. He was finding them sporadically in his house. A few here, a few there. Some in the bed, some on his desk, one or two on the couch. I had no idea what they were, but my wife found a forum where someone had the exact same problem.

Turns out that they were whole flax seeds that had fallen out of a heating pad (something like this). They resemble small apple seeds or something more nefarious from a bug or animal (as we initially imagined). Thankfully it was nothing more than a hole in the heating bag!