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Grand Canyon

We went to a giant hole in the ground. Driving with the 2nd born (hereafter the Mastiff) was pretty terrible, though! I don’t recommend sitting in an enclosed metal box with a noise maker for prolonged amounts of time.

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Change 2005 Toyota Tacoma Manual Transmission Shifter Seat And Bushing

It’s probably rare to have a manual transmission in this day and age, but I enjoy it. Its scarcity probably also means that I wasn’t able to find too much help online with a recent issue where my 2005 Toyota Tacoma was popping out of gear. This would cause the RPMs to spike dramatically since I would unexpectedly be in neutral. I eventually realized that I needed to change the shifter seat and bushing.

  1. Seat and bushing, respectively. I purchased mine at a local Toyota dealer for around $25 for both parts, but I found one on Amazon that seems like it would work as well. Step 1
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OBi100 Cannot Receive Google Voice Calls

I have long since canceled my home phone service, but I have an OBi100 (succeeded by the OBi200) paired with Google Voice for free VoIP (no emergency calls, though).

Unfortunately recently I was only able to call out but not receive calls. I tried doing everything listed on the OBiTalk forum instructions to no avail. Then I found a post about the similar OBi110. So the answer for me was the same: delete the configuration and set it up again from the beginning! Hope this helps someone!

Mysterious Seeds Or Bugs Around House

Recently my dad asked me if I could identify some small things that were appearing in his house. He was finding them sporadically in his house. A few here, a few there. Some in the bed, some on his desk, one or two on the couch. I had no idea what they were, but my wife found a forum where someone had the exact same problem.

Turns out that they were whole flax seeds that had fallen out of a heating pad (something like this). They resemble small apple seeds or something more nefarious from a bug or animal (as we initially imagined). Thankfully it was nothing more than a hole in the heating bag!

Monetary Gifts

Growing up (or I guess in general just being in want of money), people love to receive money as a gift. In some ways money is the ultimate gift because it can be applied to the purchase of anything. Only received $10? Well if you love technology then you can still save it towards the purchase of a new cell phone. That would be much more useful than some random $10 vase.

On the other hand, I think that money can sometimes be a silly gift. I guess some people just don’t feel like it’s one of their love languages so they don’t see any merit in spending effort or time on it. More often than not people just pocket the money and forget who gave them what. For better or worse, you’d remember your great aunt if she gave you that $10 vase.

By giving money, we go through life and essentially just move money around. We host an event and people give us money. We go to their events and give them money as well. We try to give an appropriate amount, which oftentimes is close to what they gave to us. So it seems like everyone ends up right where they started!

I dare not rant too hard against money or else I’m going to get cut out of the loop. So my method of handling this is to put any money that I receive into a separate “bucket” that gets earmarked for special purchases. When I save up enough money then I can buy something fun, and it feels like everyone chipped in and got a group gift. Perfect!