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Change 2005 Toyota Tacoma Manual Transmission Shifter Seat And Bushing

It’s probably rare to have a manual transmission in this day and age, but I enjoy it. Its scarcity probably also means that I wasn’t able to find too much help online with a recent issue where my 2005 Toyota Tacoma was popping out of gear. This would cause the RPMs to spike dramatically since I would unexpectedly be in neutral. I eventually realized that I needed to change the shifter seat and bushing.

  1. Seat and bushing, respectively. I purchased mine at a local Toyota dealer for around $25 for both parts, but I found one on Amazon that seems like it would work as well. Step 1
  2. Before any changes Step 2
  3. Removed knob Step 3
  4. Removed cup holder console, watch out for the plastic clips because they break easily Step 4
  5. Removed covering on bottom of center console Step 5
  6. Removed screws on bottom of center console Step 6
  7. Removed screws holding center console Step 7
  8. Removed center console Step 8
  9. Removed trim around shifter Step 9
  10. Remove screws around shifter Step 10b Step 10a
  11. Remove shifter boot Step 11
  12. Remove bolts Step 12
  13. Remove shifter assembly Step 13 Step 14
  14. Remove shifter from assembly. This was by far the hardest part. Part of it is the fact that you don’t know what’s going on in the assembly and the other is that everything is really stuck together. I ended up being able to do it with pliers and 2 screw drivers. But after it was done I was able to do it with just pliers. It’s spring loaded so you just need to push down on the retainer cap and twist until it pops out. Step 15
  15. Compare the seats. The old one was crumbly and destroyed! Step 16
  16. Compare the bushings. Not too bad but might as well change them. Step 17