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The Sickness Is Strong In This One

The Bear got sick this past week. It was bound to happen eventually, right? The illness came with a few bouts of vomit along with some rather unpleasant less-than-sleepful nights. All is as expected. Except that I was also infected with said illness!

So I’m not saying that I don’t ever get sick. Because I do. I definitely do. In fact when I do get sick it seems like it’s extra awful. But it still catches me by surprise that I can get sick so easily by such a little baby. Conceptually I know that germs are much tinier than either of us, and size does not matter at all when getting sick. But something about it still surprises me.

Thankfully it only took me out for a day. But boy was it an unpleasant day!

Colorado 2015

It was our first time flying with a child, and it didn’t go too badly! Colorado had plenty of natural wonders, and it was nice to get out of the normal routine. In any case, you can also check out a few more pictures in the gallery.

Catching Poop

This post is vulgar and dirty (as many things in parenthood are). Just FYI.

As I was changing the Bear’s diaper, she grabbed the changing pad (as she is wont to do). There was already some poop in the old diaper that I was changing so I moved that away before she could touch it. However, while I had her butt in the air (off of the changing table) she proceeded to poop some more. This new poop was fresh stuff (unlike the poop in the diaper which was more pebble-like). I was in a bind because one hand was holding up her legs, but the poop was going to land on the changing table. In order to save the poop from landing on the changing table, I had to just go for it. I decided that catching it with my hand was better than letting it fall.

And thus I achieved another parenting milestone: I willingly chose to catch poop with my bare hand (thankfully not watery in any way).

Ah parenthood, gotta love it.

Moving Around (Or The Crawling Mischievous Bear)

The Bear is starting to push herself backwards. Some might call it crawling, but others might laugh in their faces because it doesn’t look like crawling. She is also making it difficult to get our weekly picture. This means putting the props in her mouth, but more often it means knocking over blocks. Bothersome? Yes! Amusing? Yes, indeed!

What Do Kids Do With Their Hands?

The Bear’s not even that mobile yet. Are we doomed? Probably, yes.

Things heard around my house much more now than pre-Bear:

Hi! 😆

Where’s the poop?

Hey, get your hands out of there!

How’d you get over there?