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Catching Poop

This post is vulgar and dirty (as many things in parenthood are). Just FYI.

As I was changing the Bear’s diaper, she grabbed the changing pad (as she is wont to do). There was already some poop in the old diaper that I was changing so I moved that away before she could touch it. However, while I had her butt in the air (off of the changing table) she proceeded to poop some more. This new poop was fresh stuff (unlike the poop in the diaper which was more pebble-like). I was in a bind because one hand was holding up her legs, but the poop was going to land on the changing table. In order to save the poop from landing on the changing table, I had to just go for it. I decided that catching it with my hand was better than letting it fall.

And thus I achieved another parenting milestone: I willingly chose to catch poop with my bare hand (thankfully not watery in any way).

Ah parenthood, gotta love it.