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A Scary Thought

It’s no doubt that the people that i meet in life can somehow scale to the world at large in some way. That’s a scary thought when I realize that the man who goes into the bathroom stall next to me didn’t use a toilet seat cover. Why is that scary? It’s scary because that means that man also very likely will not be that concerned about washing his hands thoroughly (if at all). So why do I care if this guy (who I have no idea who he is) has dirty nasty hands? Well because he is representative of lots and lots of people! There are scores of people walking around out there that similarly don’t care about keeping their butts from being disgustingly touched by countless other butts. There are scores of people who similarly will not care about how clean their hands are. And odds are, some of those people’s hands will affect me. Be it the fact that they’re preparing my food or that they’re going to shake my hand, they will affect me. So you see, it affects us all. There are so very many things that we do that are not just our business. Drinking and driving, sneezing, not turning on our car lights at dusk, AND SO ON AND SO ON!

Amazing. And scary.