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Cheaters 4 Life

This is something that happens nearly everyday. And yet we live with it. Cheaters are in our midst, dear friends. And I’m going to spend a few minutes to let my thoughts leave my head and enter yours.

So everyday I drive to and from work. Now that’s normal, but I am mostly troubled in the morning. I am often stuck in traffic and I can see people speeding by in the carpool lane. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for having a carpool lane and rewarding those who are willing to sacrifice some freedom (by having to deal with multiple people in the same car) in order to conserve gas. That’s just fine. But what perturbs me is that there are those who cheat (those who are by themselves in the car). You might be one of those people, you might despise them like myself, or you might not even care. Nonetheless, I will tell you why I cannot stand them. So obviously it it unfair and worthy of outrage simply because it is breaking the law.

But even more than that, there is a saying that I either heard or made up that goes something along the lines of “whatever you do in one thing, you will do in all things”. This means that if one is patient with the small tasks, they will be more likely to be patient with other things. And likewise if one is a cheater in the small things, then they are much more likely to be a cheater in other areas.

It’s a matter of character. It’s about the fruit people! They knew it before, and it remains true simply because it is.

So I propose these thoughts to enter into your thinking and perhaps change something in your thought process: Would you want to marry someone who drives in the carpool lane? It seems maybe insignificant but one who can’t even stay true to the law won’t be the most difficult to persuade to not stay true to their love. One who isn’t patient enough to spend 15 minutes extra to wait like the rest of us is someone who will always long for the here and now. Is there remorse in their eyes? Why do they not even care? Is it even a big deal or do small things just seem insignificant to them? Well let’s be frank, insignificance is often a matter of opinion. And more and more issues will become “insignificant” as time goes on.

Evaluate everything again and remember that it’s dangerous to over think things but it’s likewise dangerous to not think at all. Be well and make some wiser choices because they mean something in the end.

*edited January 24, 2006 10:54 PM