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Monetary Gifts

Growing up (or I guess in general just being in want of money), people love to receive money as a gift. In some ways money is the ultimate gift because it can be applied to the purchase of anything. Only received $10? Well if you love technology then you can still save it towards the purchase of a new cell phone. That would be much more useful than some random $10 vase.

On the other hand, I think that money can sometimes be a silly gift. I guess some people just don’t feel like it’s one of their love languages so they don’t see any merit in spending effort or time on it. More often than not people just pocket the money and forget who gave them what. For better or worse, you’d remember your great aunt if she gave you that $10 vase.

By giving money, we go through life and essentially just move money around. We host an event and people give us money. We go to their events and give them money as well. We try to give an appropriate amount, which oftentimes is close to what they gave to us. So it seems like everyone ends up right where they started!

I dare not rant too hard against money or else I’m going to get cut out of the loop. So my method of handling this is to put any money that I receive into a separate “bucket” that gets earmarked for special purchases. When I save up enough money then I can buy something fun, and it feels like everyone chipped in and got a group gift. Perfect!