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The Bear Was THAT Baby On The Plane

We just traveled internationally with The Bear for the first time! It was generally fun, but the plane ride, oh the plane ride!

Going there wasn’t fun because she just wanted her mother the whole time. Coming back was even worse because we tried to get her to sleep when the cabin lights dimmed, and she didn’t like that. Actually she probably hated it. Screaming and wailing soon followed.

Nothing worked! We tried feeding her (magical) puffs, singing, shushing, talking, and ergo-ing. All we got in return was an assault on our ears and our chests (from baby fists). She was tired, but the only way that she ended up falling asleep was if I walked around and did NOT talk to her. It seemed that talking to her made her fussy again. I imagine that she protested because she knew that we were trying to get her to sleep. Her nap was a brief respite. She was only really comfortable sleeping when it was NOT sleep time (i.e., lights were turned on and people moving about).

Sleeping Bear