Going The Wong Way I'm ALWAYS going the Wong way

What To Think?

Imagine this:

You’re sitting on the toilet, as you probably do everyday. You’re taking it easy for about 5 minutes as you release your body’s waste. Then you look over. There’s another stall next to you. You look down. Lo and behold! What do you see? A piece of dental floss! “Well that’s strange,” you think. What could dental floss possibly be doing in the bathroom. Now there are a few possibilities:

  1. Someone was flossing while they were sitting on the toilet. After finished with it, they just dropped it on the ground.

  2. Somehow there was some dental floss in some guy’s pocket and it came out as he was dropping them to sit on the toilet. He had gone outside to take a “floss break”

  3. They were in his underwear because he keeps some dental floss there “just in case” (what that case is where he needs dental floss in his underwear is beyond the scope of this entry)

  4. He ate some dental floss and it had come out the other end. How did it get on the floor without stains? Once again, beyond the scope of this entry.

  5. Dental floss is raining from the bathroom ceiling