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Cry Room Culture

Babies cry and make noise. This is no revelation. However it is still not socially acceptable for babies to cry and make noise everywhere that we go. It’s why we can’t take young children to nice dinners, the movies, or really anywhere that’s too expensive. Most recently this happened to us when the Bear was crying on our flight.

We don’t go on plane rides too often, but we do need to alter our social interactions at church every week. Our church is large enough that there’s a cry room that separates the parents with children (too young for the nursery) from the rest of the congregation. There are glass panels that allow the parents to participate without disturbing everyone else. Or so the theory goes.

The problem is that while it separates the babies from the congregation, it also separates the parents. This creates its own culture that is different from everyone else. It’s a culture where people don’t stand when everyone else stands, and people can talk when only the pastor is talking.

I can understand the thinking behind the cry room, but if I’m going to a church service then it’s not so that I can hear other parents chat. It’s really hard to concentrate or participate when you’re in the cry room (even if you want to). I’m not saying that I can always pay attention now that I’m out of the cry room, but at least I won’t be tempted to blame other people now.

On the other hand, I have no idea if going to a church service where the children sit with the parents is any better since I can only comment on what I’ve seen or experienced. And I’m sure that no matter what church you go to you will find people who will try to not participate (see Everybody Loves Raymond season 4, episode 14 “Prodigal Son”).